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So, I promised myself one thing when I moved back with my parents and started school again - don't procrastinate! Guess what I'm doing, I'm procrastinating. I must say though, to my own defense, it's not AS bad as before. But I could still improve on many points.

I'm still not fully done with my essay that is due tomorrow, and in math I am way behind. I really need to work on that one. The problem is games are getting in the way, and even more ironic, homework is getting in the way. It's not that the other homework is getting in the way because it's much to do, it's more that they get in the way, in the same kind of way, as the games. I really enjoy my programming homework, they are challenging and they are fun. So instead of sitting with down with math which is due in 2 days, I sit down with the programming which isn't due until next week.

For those of you who knows me way back, this would never had happened before, so in one point of view, I have improved. But I still need to learn to prioritize better. Also, I do start pretty late in the day. Mom is part of it, but I could always lock myself up in my room and just start with homework. Instead I seem to enjoy games until mom (who has all the time in the world) feel like having breakfast, and I've got some kind of ritual to not begin with homework before breakfast. Another thing, why do I wait to eat breakfast because of her? I always get annoyed and irritated, and get outbursts that she never can do stuff on her own, or choose her own breakfast, or whatever, when I do the same thing in the morning basically.

Sadly, I can't count on support from her or dad when it comes to anything. I've been asking her not to give me candy, or ask if I want when she takes it - she always asks. I've asked her not to have candy standing on the table and in the kitchen or anywhere near me - she "hides" the candy in my room! And everyone who knows me, KNOWS I don't have the self discipline to say no or not takes "just one" cookie or whatever might be out right in front of me. At the same time, what can I expect? She wait with dishes until the morning 2 days after dinner, she never put away food until it's too late basically (and honestly I think she does that part intentionally to have a reason to give it to the animals, instead of saving money on lunches), she always wait to last minute to fix kitchen before dad comes home, and if he don't call in time, she gets mad at him for not calling in time so she can "hide" that she don't do that much during the days.

Anyhow, instead of ranting of her faults, I should clean up in front of my own door. I will start tomorrow by not "gaming" more than 45min if I wake up in time, if I wake up late, I will go straight to breakfast and game while eating, then continue with homework. Once essay is done I WILL clean my room so I can it in my office chair.

I have to be harder on myself, and not let mom command me too much. I always get mad cause she is commanding me around, planning my days, my time. Instead of ranting and getting mad at her, I should start doing the things I need to do on my own, in my way, and not wait just to see if she is gonna nag on me about it or not.

Like when I left my ex, I need to get back to that stage. To command my own time, now more than ever to get my homework done and lose some serious weight. Tomorrow is Monday, a new week. I might not have time to go out in the mornings, but there is certainly nothing that says I don't have time to NOT eat as much as I do. Whenever I feel like chewing something I will drink water. Whenever I take a time off in homework I should go on the elliptical. Then when all the homework I have that can be done is done, THEN I can allow myself gaming, or if it's after 8pm.

Time to sleep! :D

I started this article not knowing what I wanted to write about. I felt like I needed to write about something, cause my mind is off track now a days.

I love school. I know, might sound silly to some, crazy to others, and some might understand where I come from when I say it. I LOVE school. And trust me, 2 years ago, I would laugh at you if you would have told me that I'd like school one day.

Here is the problem, I love school, but I also love games. And there are times when they play out each other. I've found some really fun and challenging games, which has not too surprisingly taken over a lot of time. However, lately I've found myself loosing in games cause I willingly have chosen homework over the games, which is a totally new experience for me. I sit just for fun with my programming homework. It's challenging, I get something out of it (a grade) and it keeps my mind busy. Also, programming is a REALLY good timespender.

Now I should turn on a movie and try to sleep. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. Found a HUGE spider in my room and have no idea where it went when it escaped our tempt to remove it to the outside. So I prefer sleeping on the couch tonight. At least here I know where the spiders are, and that they will stay where they are throughout the night.

Tomorrow starts Tycoon Online US Server!

This is my plan:

Get staff! 3 stone extractors and (3 builders)

Buy stone building ( that makes stone)

Buy 1 marble

Buy one stone shop!

Get shares!

I hope I can get it up quickly before lunch so I can produce asap.

Also I have tons of homework. I need to finish them. I don't know what I should do. Always feels like I'm behind. I also do this to myself. The first 2-3 weeks it's kind of lazy, so instead of keep reading ahead in the books or doing the math problems, I relax, playing. I really need to learn not to slack just because I don't have anything to do in the very moment I'm in. Now tomorrow, except from the game:

English Essay


Read next book

Why is it so hard sometimes to just close the computer and focus?

During this last weekend I could have done SO much homework if I just could have let go of my games, and believe it or not, my homework.

Instead of working on the homework that I needed to work on, I worked on a homework that isn't due until Oct. 22!!! So annoying!! I did it cause I can relax. I can't work under stress, and do homework that is due like tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, makes me stressed and unfocused. I try to find anything that I can pass the time with. I'm back to the procrastination  in a way.

Now I have tons of math tomorrow, and english journals. How will I find time to do it, on top of that I have to go with mom to the doctor. So there will 3h be gone. Then I have to cook my dinner, a lentil soup.

I'm thinking of going directly to school, go to the library to do my math, and english there. That way I will be able to focus, but I will want to get tea and a snack before class, and then I will screw up my diet.

So what I need to do, and IN ORDER:

  • English Journal Entries
  • Math Homework

I have to finish the journals tomorrow, and as far as I can on math before I'm off to meet Ruben to work on the computer homework.

So... It's time to sleep, I need it before the PE Class tomorrow.