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By this time tomorrow, I'll be on a plane, waiting for it to take off. Then I'll be gone for 1 month. Most of my closest friend REALLY like this, but looking at the weather I can't be honest with you if I'd say I look forward to it as much as they do :P

After packing up at least all the cloths, I only have my bathroom stuff and jewelery left to fix. But that'll have to wait for tomorrow. I have almost the whole day to fix the last few things, so today, while watching the recap of OS, NBC Primetime version, I decided to fix my nail. Always fun to have nice nails when I first arrive to Sweden. I chose something that works with most things I've brought to Sweden. Pink and peacock green. French Manicure is like a trend what I've noticed, so I did a mix of that and some art. The art did not really turn out to be as good as I hoped, but it was fun doing it. :D

I'm not sure what the best way to photo your nails are, to make sure everything is with, so I took a "classic" photo as other nail design blogs show. Since I've been a nail chewer, showing off what I've managed to do with my nails are really fun. Almost makes me feel proud :P

It's going to be so fun seeing all my friends again!!! I miss them so much! Only dilemma, when I go to meet them, I'll miss all my awesome friends here instead...

One months passes like lightning, and once I'm back it's only school on my mind, so right now I'm just gonna live my life!

I decided to also report my food log. Since I kind of show it to everyone on the site... I thought I might as well share it here on my blog too. They will  show up as a pic below each post, or alone ;)

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Good Evening,

It's now only a few days left before I go back to Sweden for a month vacation. I still haven't start to pack what I want/need to bring. For those of you who were close to Cupertino/San Jose today, knows what the weather will be in Sweden. It's going to be a lot of sweaters to pack.

Later I finally got LTE fixed for my phone! I've been having an LTE phone for a few months now, but since it hasn't been official until a few weeks ago, they haven't been able to fix it up and running properly until now. Well, I guess I could have got it fixed a few weeks ago, but I've had better things to do :P

The site is taking shape, my first recipe is up, and I plan to add another recipe tomorrow. My biggest problem right now is, that the recipes I've written down are all in Swedish. So now I have to translate and find the correct words for writing it in English :P It's not as easy as you think, recipe-terms are not always a direct translation.

Tomorrow is packing day, maybe I can find some time to start translating my dolphin site tomorrow. At least get the first page up. Then I can try to copy the rest of it down and translate that on the airplane ;) That way I should be able to quickly add one of the subpages for my dolphin site when I've landed ;)

My leg has been real sore today. I didn't even take my daily walk up the mountain. Too bad though, my mom saw the peacock again. But I felt I needed to cool it down, let it rest for a while. The pain is shooting along the shin every time I angle my foot, no matter which direction I move it. It's really annoying, should put some cold on it :P

Another day is setting, and once again has this new project kept me awake for too long. Not only did I finally get a few more articles done, but I were also close to lose them once I was done. I thought I could play around with the database, explore it and learn how to use it - Trust me, bad idea.

While waiting for the reinstall of all the files after crashing them, I helped mom in the backyard. We were supposed to remove some weeds, but it ended up in us bandaging each other. Some weeds were just so stubborn, so while struggling with some roots, we managed to cut ourself. For me, cutting myself was not enough. I had to slip over the stonewall and make a cut in my leg along with a great deal of pain on and around my shin. So now I'm limping and have bandaids all over (well not all over, but it feels like it).

While you wait for the homepage to take shape and for me to finish everything, please register. I will later not make everything public, at least not without some effort :P But if you're registered you can be sure not to miss anything ;)

Hello and welcome to my blog!

First thing you need to know about me: When I find new things, I can become a little bit obsessed. It's so fun exploring new things! I can sit a whole day just google around about whatever I've found. For about a month ago, I found Ovipets, a virtual breeding game, where the goal is to breed a pure colored pet. I got a few of my friends to join, and I still play it. But now, the day before yesterday to be more exact, I found a new thing.

I've always loved to make homepages. I already have several up online. Every time I feel like making a new one, I do everything from scratch, design, organization, content etc. I never really stick to something. I always find new ways to improve. This time, I'm going to explore the most popular platform there is out there for websites. It's taken up my whole last couple of days, there are just so many different things and ways you can tweak you homepage without putting too much time in it. All you have to do is to find something you'd like to have on you homepage, then you download it and add it, like an app for your phone. I know, it sounds like anyone can do it, but I've been spending almost 3h on youtube tutorials and even more on the reading part.

It seems easy at first, then you get stuck and confused, then you watch tutorials and realize just how much you can do. My first thing was to find a template I was happy with. There are literally thousands of designs out there, for free, and some I did find really nice, but some features were removed since they were free. So I decided to buy the program needed to make your own template/design. I have been wanting that program for a really long time anyway, but never thought it was important enough to do buy it. I wouldn't say this is an important homepage, but I will have use for it in the future. And this is what my first design looks like. I won't promise I'll keep it this way, I might change the colors, but I'm pretty happy with the way this design turned out.

So, now I have my first blog post, I have at least a construction message on front page. Tomorrow I will try to start to build the Hobby part of this homepage. It's the biggest part of the page, so I might fix the contact page and about me page first :P

I should try to sleep as soon as possible now, I got too little sleep last night and it's soon midnight. My body will soon start to protest in form of a cold or similar. That's what it use to do when I don't get enough sleep, but it's so hard to stop this. There are so much out there you can find for the homepage that sounds really awesome. It's really dangerous stuff I've found. :P